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The bank was established before 60 years in the Marangattupilly village and now the Marangattypally service cooperative bank has got many branches all over the Marangattupilly Panchayath.The steps taken ahead and the golden achievements for the last 60 years are well appreciated by the public.

The Bank has opened with 244 members and the capital amount of Rs.10,645 at Ilakkadu Panchayath(Kottayam Division) and the zonal areas were Kurichithanam and Ilakkadu village.Under the Travancore Cochin Cooperative society act, The bank has registered as Ilakadu village cooperative bank Ltd No. 3556 in the year of 1955 June 12th.The first office was at Marangattupilly company pedika.The office was inaugurated by the former MLA Prof.K.M Chandi.


Check our history about people who paved our stepping stones to success from First Directors Board(12-06-1955)(1955-1957)

മരങ്ങാട്ടു പിള്ളി സർവ്വിസ് സഹകരണ ബാങ്ക് – പ്രതിഭാ സംഗമവും അവാർഡ് വിതരണവും Live Streaming Starts @ 11.00 am (14 July 2024) Youtube Live Link – (MSCB MGPLY) Live Stream Powered by – Starlet Digital Studio Marangattupilly – +91 99616 34007

മരങ്ങാട്ടു പിള്ളി സർവ്വിസ് സഹകരണ ബാങ്ക് - പ്രതിഭാ സംഗമവും അവാർഡ് വിതരണവും

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We Offer


MSCB provides Locker facility on all branches G.D.C.S , Highest Security Insurance coverage for each Loan , Least rate for Draft facility, Karunya, Medical Aid etc Loan up to 25 Laks Highest Security, Safety, and Gov. Guarantee for your Deposits


50 years ago members were not allowed to take a loan amount more than 2000 Rs, but now each member can avail up to 10 Lakh by submitting the collateral that comes under Meenachil Taluk. Bank is providing agricultural loans up to 2 Lakhs. And other categories includes vehicle,home appliances,Home loans,voyage loan, education loan etc. Bank providing gold loans up to 2 Lakh.


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