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In the initial stages bank was depending on the district bank for the loan schemes but today Bank is financially much stable enough to satisfy all the loan requirements of bank members.


50 years ago members were not allowed to take a loan amount more than 2000 Rs, but now each member can avail up to 10 Lakh  by submitting the collateral that comes under Meenachil Taluk. Bank is providing agricultural loans up to 2 Lakhs. And other categories includes vehicle,home appliances,Home loans,voyage loan, education loan etc. Bank providing gold loans up to 2 Lakh. Double amount of share capital deposited in the bank by the member can be released as loan.Bank can borrow double amount of savings and share capital from the bank members or others. The ratio of four times of personal guarantee share amount and eight times of collateral amount was the share loan dispatched during the initial stages of bank. At present it is 100 times of share amount.Instead of registering the property against loan we started accepting the deed as deposit as per the ‘Gahan scheme’ (14.01.2005)